What We Believe

Uncreated God

We believe that God is the Uncreated Creator of the Universe and without doubt or question He is able to bring all things under His Supreme authority and power, including and not limited to both seen and unseen world of the spirit.

The God Head

We believe in One God: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, who has no beginning and has no end. The Creator of the universe who is sovereign in all He does with respect to His redemptive plan and purposes for mankind and the universe.

Jesus Christ

We believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST; God The Son, Saviour, Redeemer and Deliverer of mankind and the universe. Having been conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary, He is truly God and Man. He through His eternal Spirit offered Himself as an everlasting sacrifice, taking the place of the fallen and sinful man; and crucifying on His Cross the sin of the world, in order to fulfill and satisfy the redemptive plans purposed in Himself, before the creation of the World.

The Holy Spirit

We believe in God the Holy Spirit and subscribe fully to ministry of the Holy Spirit to the Church and world. We believe in the baptism, indwelling and infilling of the Holy Spirit, who enables believers to live beyond their natural capabilities whilst under God’s grace demonstrating the Gospel in the power, love and sanctified mind of Jesus Christ. Thus, enabling us to hear from God, discern his will, purposes and act upon His will with the wisdom of His grace.

The Holy Bible

We believe in the primacy of Scripture, to be the revealed Word of God, the Bible. The Bible is authoritative as it is not the words of mere human, but breathed out Word of God, through mankind. Thus the Bible by itself stands to reason and transcend every criticism leveled against its authenticity as originally breathed by God. The Bible is the only authority for the believer of the LORD God and no human authority can ever compensate for and replace Scripture.

The Supremacy of God

We believe HE alone is Sovereign, King, Eternal, Immortal, All-Powerful, All-knowing and All-Present

Immutability of The Godhead

We believe He is the Unchangeable God. He remains evidently steadfast, true and unchanging in His character, deed and person. COVENANT KEEPING GOD: We believe in the Covenant Keeping and faithful God. God is faithful in all the covenants He has made to perform them.

The Blood of The Everlasting Covenant

We believe in the efficacy of the blood of Jesus Chris, that was shed for the sin of this world; so that in believing in Christ; His blood cleanses us from all sin and purifies us as a Holy people treasured and loved by God. We believe that Satan and his cohorts of darkness are powerless against the blood of Christ Jesus. When confronted in deliverance and spiritual warfare; the entire Kingdom of darkness are compelled to revisit that momentous day that sealed their defeat for all eternity; which as a result forces them to disengage and retreat to oblivion of darkness. There is no force in the spirit world that can overcome or resist the blood of Jesus Christ.

The LORD's Supper

We believe in the celebration of the LORD’s Supper as mandatory act of communion commemorating the LORD’s death and resurrection until He comes again in glory.


We believe heaven to be the rightful place of the righteousness of God chosen in Christ Jesus; and hell to be the place of everlasting torment for Satan, fallen angels, demons and every children of disobedience to the Word of God.


We believe that God created Man in His image in accordance with the Scripture (The Holy Bible) He made man both male and female. Man became degenerate as a consequence of the fall, thereby reaping the wages of Sin and dying spiritually to God, lost for eternity while also losing the image of God. Man can only recapture the image of God through renouncing sin and works of the Devil, and believing in Jesus Christ to be recreated once again in the image of God through the regeneration of the Holy Spirit.


We believe in water baptism of believers by full immersion in obedience to the divine imperative of Jesus Christ.

The Kingdom of God

We believe in the expansion of the gospel of the Kingdom of God and the great commission through acts and demonstration of God’s power and Spirit, as only the Spirit of God can give life; the flesh counts for nothing. In being open to and not confining the Holy Spirit and His gracious work in us - our lives are radically transformed so that even the words we speak will be filled with God’s power; bearing fruit for His Kingdom and to the glory of His name.


We believe that it is to the glory of God that people are delivered from bondage and the burden of spiritual darkness. We know that demons are still active more so today than ever before, in causing disaster, influencing, oppressing and possessing people with afflictions beyond the comprehension of science and for such wickedness to be dealt with effectively, we employ deliverance in the authority of Jesus Christ.


We believe evil is so tangible and evidently present in our communities, homes, and yes churches too and unless we have an effective response to deal with such evil; it will continue to thrive, flourish, dominate and render communities useless.


We believe that Satan, his cohorts, demons, evil spirits and the kingdom of darkness are real and exist in the spirit world. They continue to ravish, possess, destroy and ruin lives today as in the days they were confronted by JESUS CHRIST. We believe that demons are still active and more vigorous than ever before in destroying lives and as such they are to be confronted in the power and authority of Christ.

Spiritual Warfare

We believe that God wants his people to engage with the kingdom of darkness in the authority and sanctified power of the LORD Jesus Christ. We know that the kingdom of Satan understands and willingly accepts the authority of Jesus Christ as the ultimate Ruler of the Universe, and regulator of the law pertaining to the spirit realm. Satan and his cohort succumb to such authority when exerted upon by believers of the LORD Jesus Christ in obedience to His will.

The Second Coming

We believe in accordance with Scripture (The Bible) that Jesus Christ will come again, this time not to be crucified all over again but to bring judgment on the World, and to reign in glory, power and splendor for all eternity.