We are dedicated to helping people overcome spiritual attack with, because we believe in the veracity of God's Word to be more than able to perform the expectations of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. In accordance with Scripture, this help we offer is free but we only ask you testify of God's goodness when He delivers you from the troubles affecting and afflicting you, and if you can afford a donation, that would be very much welcomed.

Psalm 118

Insurmountable Power of Jesus Christ

Although the firm belief in God's power and ability for many it would seem has changed to unbelief to virtually nonexistent; the good news is the LORD Jesus Christ has never changed. He is still answering, saving, healing and delivering those who call on Him in spirit and in truth.

International Prayer Response

Every Child of the Most High God has already been given the right to live free of demonic, spiritual and satanic attacks or bondage. Anyone under demonic or spiritual attack is slave to the dictates of the powers of darkness who governs and rules this world. Being slave to demonic powers is not the will of God as Jesus Christ came to set you free.
No matter where in the world you come from, or who you happen to be; if you are or have been under demonic or spiritual attack recently or even if you have endured spiritual attacks over many years and need help in overcoming, use our Deliverance Prayer Request Form to get in touch.

You can expect us to help you undo the works of darkness affecting your life and overcome the powers of demons and satanic bondage through the unchangeable and insurmountable power of the LORD Jesus Christ.

Integrity of Service

We will never publish your deliverance prayer request on our website, without your expressed consent or permission which has to be selected by you prior to completing and sending us the filled in online Deliverance Prayer Request Form.

Testimony And Praise Report

Many people, Christians included are experiencing spiritual affliction and diverse forms of demonic attacks even now as you reflect upon this content. Unfortunately Christians who have fallen prey and victims of spiritual afflictions and demonic attacks have been made to feel unsaved by those who believe Christians could never be spiritually afflicted under any circumstances.

Therefore by sharing your testimonies and praise reports, it only serves to testify of the goodness of God and demonstrate those who find themselves spiritually afflicted and tormented by demons; are not beyond the deliverance power of the Most High God. We therefore encourage you to share what the LORD God has done for you and in doing so, putting the powers of darkness, demons, Satan, his cohorts and all their wicked schemes to shame.

Published Prayer Request

By default we do not publish a summary of your prayer request unless you explicitly give us permission to do so. A summary of your prayer request is is exactly as you would have it appear on on site. Once your prayer request is published it will usually remain published only on our site indefinitely.

Please remember that unless you explicitly grant permission for a summary of your prayer request to be published on our site, it will not be published.

What To Do Now

To complete the deliverance prayer request form you must be signed up to My Access as the form and others forms are only accessible via My Access. If you have already signed up for My Access, sign in. In your profile page you will see Access Forms on the Menu Tab, highlight it and double click on Deliverance Prayer Request Form from the dropdown menu.